Dr Juliette Wilson-Thomas SFHEA

Senior Lecturer, 

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Research Focus

Inequality, the causes and effects, underpins all my research activity. I have three main strands.

Firstly, gender and work, particularly in relation to professions dominated by women, and interventions to challenge the Inequality here. For example, time banks.

Secondly, project-based pedagogy and how this can be used as an inclusive and effective teaching and learning strategy for social justice.

Thirdly, literacy and representation. Considering children’s books and how they are used in practice, and how they can be used to challenge discrimination.

Research Groups

  • ESRI


  • Evaluation of National Literacy Trust Represent Programme
  • Critical Analysis of Timebanking
  • Exploring Project-Based Learning in Higher Education


  • Senior Lecturer
  • Foundation Year Lead

Global goals

Target 1.1
Target 1.2
Target 1.3
Target 1.4
Target 1.A
Target 1.B
Target 3.7
Target 3.C


  • United Kingdom

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