Mr Nurudeen Onomhoale Ahmed

Geoscientist / Env. Compl. Officer, 


English, Arabic
Nigeria, Denmark

Research Focus

1. Research in Application of Geoscience Principles and Techniques for Environmental Problem Solving.
2. Research in Environmental Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Environmental STEMIE).

Research Groups

  • Geophysics Research Group, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  • WAFA Research Team, Water Air Food Awards (WAFA), Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Geoelectric Monitoring and Geotechnical Evaluation of Bioremediated Spill Sites in Eleme, Nigeria
  • Conversion of Plastic and Paper Recyclable Waste into Selected Eco-friendly Domestic and Industrial Products


  • Geoscientist / Env. Compl. Officer
  • Researcher
  • Ecopreneur

Global goals

Target 6.1
Target 6.3
Target 6.A
Target 6.B
Target 12.2
Target 12.4
Target 12.5
Target 12.A
Target 15.1
Target 15.3
Target 15.4
Target 15.5

Professional Organisations

  • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP-MGCY)
  • Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society (NMGS)
  • Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE)


  • Nigeria
  • Denmark

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