Dr Biruk Birhanu

Research professor, 

Korea, Republic of

English, Amharic
Korea, Republic of

Research Focus

I have an ambition of studying microbial pathogenesis and host interactions of bacterial agents that acquire antibiotic resistance genes and have an antibiotic avoidance mechanism in host cells, which could further extend into microbiota and host interaction. Furthermore, I have the interest to work in the inhibition of the efflux pump of bacterial agents, which are significant in increasing drug-resistance. In addition, I want to study the relationship of efflux pumps and other related antimicrobial resistance mechanisms with bacterial virulence factors including, biofilm formation and quorum sensing. Besides, I am interested in studying and working on drug PK, PD, and their metabolism, which leads to designing an effective drug composition to treat infections.


  • Antimicrobial resistance inhibition


  • Research professor

Global goals

Target 3.B

Professional Organisations

  • American Society for Microbiology
  • British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy


  • Korea, Republic of

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