Dr Juan Camilo Moreno Beltran

Research Scientist, 

Saudi Arabia

Spanish, English, German

Research Focus

Carotenoids are important isoprenoids produced in the plastids of photosynthetic organisms that play key roles in photosynthesis, photoprotection, pollination, and antioxidative processes. In addition, they are precursors of plant hormones and apocarotenoids. Apocarotenoids are small molecules with regulatory functions, including cellular signaling, growth regulation, and communication with surrounding organisms. Due to these functions, apocarotenoids can influence plant physiology, development, and plant-plant/plant-microorganism’s interactions, making them a major focus of study in agriculture and fundamental research. I am moving towards the discovery of receptors and protein partners of growth-promoting apocarotenoids. In addition, I am also interested in the study and the use of carotenoid genetic engineering (GMO and non-GMO strategies) to manipulate the plant hormonal network in order to control plant growth and development.

Research Groups

  • Salim Al-Babili's group


  • Carotenoid manipulation for crop improvement


  • Research Scientist

Global goals

Target 2.2
Target 2.4


  • Saudi Arabia

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