Ms Jheelum Sarkar M Phil Scholar

M.Phil. Scholar (Economics) with Research Assistantship, 


English, Hindi, Bengali

Research Focus

Many countries are attempting to adopt sustainable development measures in order to impede increasing challenges posed by climate change and global warming. To achieve the goal of a green and sustainable economy, economies must formulate policies that will not induce existing social inequalities, for example, gender inequality. My research focus is on gender inequality and environmental issues, climate change, and energy efficiency in particular. Gendered aspects of environmental issues are crucial in the sense that these portray important questions of uniformity, equity, effectiveness, and efficacy as well as indicate the significance of women’s distinctive role in climate change adaptation measures and greener lifestyles at local, national, and global level.


  • Role of Women in adaptation to climate change


  • M.Phil. Scholar (Economics) with Research Assistantship

Global goals

Target 5.1
Target 5.2
Target 5.3
Target 5.4
Target 5.5
Target 5.A
Target 5.C
Target 7.1
Target 7.2
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Target 7.A
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Target 13.1
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Target 13.A
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  • India

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