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Research Focus

I am currently working on the synthesis and characterization of an electroless coating on plain carbon steel using the rare earth metal cerium. Electroless coating is a technique of depositing a fine metal on a substrate surface by depositing it in a coating bath where a redox reaction helps to deposit a thin layer on the substrate. Like electroplating, this coating technique does not use electricity. Here the coating thickness comes to around 50 µm. Electroless coated specimens show higher corrosion resistance than many other types of coatings.
After electroless coating, I measure the microhardness, surface roughness, corrosion of the coated sample and I get a better result than the substrate. In addition, I look at the coating structure, surface morphology using SEM, EDX, XRD etc.
In electroless coating, optimization of bath parameters is necessary to get a good surface for this I optimize the parameters using different techniques like Taguchi, RSM with the help of MATLAB, MINITAB.


  • Electroless Coating


  • Ph.D. Scholar (Researcher)

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