The United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs or Global Goals) are a powerful tool for research groups to demonstrate the global impact of their work. However, many researchers do not yet understand the SDGs framework. Using the SDGs to bring your whole team together on one page can be a great motivator and team pages help to explain the wider context of all your work.

Your research team is probably helping us achieve the UN 2030 SDGs but do all your colleagues understand the full SDGs impact of their work? How many goals does your work contribute to . . . and which ones? These are all questions The Global Academy can help you to answer.

How are research group pages put together?

Global Academy research team pages begin with an SDGs game workshop. This is a fun, engaging simulation event to bring everyone up-to-speed on the SDGs framework and how it can shape our world from here to 2030. The workshop can be online or in-person and uses a card-based simulation to create a direct experience of our future world. This always leads to a unique set of discoveries, discussions and questions to kick-start work on your team’s Global Academy page. 

After the workshop your team will all be invited and supported to create their own ‘Researcher’ pages at  Our page builder works through a straightforward process to identify where research works fits into the SDGs framework of targets and goals. We know, anecdotally, that this process impacts future research decisions as well as current thinking, and reinforces understanding of the SDGs framework

Then we will build your team page to include everyone on your team and information about your group, adding further details collected through your workshop. The page can be tailored towards the dissemination requirements of specific research funders as well as search engine visibility.

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So who needs a Global Academy Research team page?

  • Dispersed research groups, across different institutions or even continents, wanting to maintain purpose and develop their online presence
  • Research leaders wanting to recruit the best, purpose-driven talent to their team 
  • Team leads leaders wanting to understand, explain and expand their SDGs impact
  • Teams wanting to both strengthen their case for funding and show effective research impact and dissemination

How does a team page help us?

  • Bring your team together around the SDGs
  • Boost the online reputation of your research group
  • Show how your team’s research work contributes to the UN 2030SDGs programme; 
  • Bring your research projects together on one page to show the wider impact and context of everyone’s work
  • Publicise your impact using the SDGs framework; 
  • Show the expertise of your team to potential partners and funders as well as media looking for expertise and other researchers.

What can we expect from our research group page?

  • The SDGs workshop provokes questions and discussions around purpose and team direction
  • Pages have excellent search engine visibility and can include videos, external links, images and keyword rich text.
  • A clear statement of purpose on your page helps to attract the best research talent
  • Context for the global impact of your team’s research work
  • Simplified access; showcase a team working across many institutions, or even continents, on one independent webpage. 

How does our team benefit from a Global Academy Research group page?

  • A bespoke workshop, including the powerful SDGs Game/simulation, to bring your team together around the SDGs framework
  • Support for your whole team to create their own Global Academy researcher pages
  • Support in identifying the specific SDGs targets and metrics 
  • A full ‘team page’ to show how everyone’s work comes together to help the world achieve the SDGs
  • Independent confirmation of your team’s SDGs contribution

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