‘Your footprint’ is a growing company in the agricultural sector, working with farmers to reduce carbon emissions. They are sponsoring our August newsletter to reach our core audience of researchers who link their work to achievement of the SDGs. Based in Denmark and the UK, Your Footprint are keen to expand their services to other regions and build a network of researchers and advisors to help steer their growth. 

Integrated management of resources for long-term sustainability can create conflict in agricultural communities. Balancing global needs for food, water, biodiversity, soil and clean air is a huge challenge and we need data to understand changes to these, often fragile, systems. Your Footprint have accepted that challenge.  They are committed to working directly with farmers to ensure a trustworthy, resilient data network. 

Your footprint provides the most accurate CO2 calculation tool available, completely compliant with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP). The platform offers a complete, integrated view of the carbon cycle for any agricultural or forestry business and is focussed on land users and their supply chains. 

The platform is being co-created with close ties to farming communities. Your Footprint has measurement and certification products available for: 

● Small farmers 

● Farm supply businesses 

● Small or larger farmers selling directly to consumers 

● Woodland owners 

● Industrial farmers 

More products and services are in the pipeline to help farmers use ecological monitoring as part of business decision making. Agriculture is a traditional business and farmers only adopt new technology when they understand it well and see the benefits clearly. Your Footprint’s founder, Benjamin, has for many years worked alongside Denmark’s longest established organic potato grower, Morten Jensen (who sells through a market dating back to the 1700’s). Using Your Footprint technology to analyse the Jensen farm confirmed that the potatoes were 100% carbon compensated in 2023. This meant they met Danish certification requirements to be labeled ‘carbon neutral’ so they could be sold at a premium.  These are benefits that farmers understand and value.  

Your footprint is led by a farmer and a second director with a long experience in agribusiness. They both recognise the need for accessible data and new technology to maintain a sustainable food system for our growing population. Benjamin Williamson-Westerman is a farmer with experience of running food businesses and Paul Davies brings his commercial strategy experience as a company director to this initiative. 

What expertise are ‘Your Footprint’ looking for? 

The Your Footprint team are looking for research groups and individuals to work with them as they further develop their comprehensive carbon audit platform for the agricultural, forestry and land management industry. Their platform is being built ‘By Farmers; For Farmers’ and after initial success in Denmark, they are expanding to other regions. 

Can you, or your research team help Your Footprint align their platform with regional and local land and emissions data, regulations and best practices?

Their certification system will be authoritative wherever it is offered, so your research and monitoring input will have very real impact; supporting land owners and primary producers to benefit from the long-term carbon value of their land assets and production. 

Could you become a research partner in this project? 

To be part of this project your research work should align with Your Footprint’s values and their overall mission to reduce carbon emissions. 

You will need a thorough understanding of the policy framework for emissions measurement, protocols and trading in your region. You, or your team, might be able to contribute expertise in forestry, animal husbandry, peat management, arable production, biodiversity, mapping, data, geo-location and land-use, measurement, water, energy, buildings or other aspects of the carbon cycle. 

You will be available to advise and work alongside Your Footprint to expand into new regions for their agricultural sector products, and then other industries and resource systems. 

What does Your Footprint offer researchers? 

Advisory board positions are available for research leaders in the sectors and regions where Your Footprint is looking for growth. Part funding of PhD positions may be available with research partnerships. 

Farmers work directly within the carbon cycle and will play a huge role as we work to manage and minimise atmospheric carbon emissions. This project offers research opportunities with real world impact in every part of the world. Data and findings will be available for publication and related research projects. 

How to find out more about this research collaboration opportunity More data and technical details are available (some will be under NDA) for researchers who are interested in this project. In the first instance please contact theteam@globalacademy.ac who will forward enquiries to the team at Your Footprint. 

The Global Academy as a source of expertise 

Global Academy researchers have huge experience, and world-leading expertise in the work we need to do to achieve the SDGs. They work in 70+ countries and are based at 440+ research organisations. 

When companies, researchers, media or other organisations want to tap into this amazing resource, we are happy to provide an introduction. 

If you represent a company or organisation and would like to find collaborators and advisors within the Global Academy research community please get in touch. We’ll set up a quick chat about the options we can offer.