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Research Focus

My research focuses on Sexual & Reproductive Health of women, Public health, Family studies, and Gender issues. With a Master’s degree in both Geography and Population Studies, I possess a multidisciplinary background that allows me to investigate various social issues, particularly those related to health and wellbeing across different age groups, from diverse perspectives.

As a geographer, I am inherently curious about the spatial nature of any phenomenon. I examine the spatial dimensions of sexual and reproductive health, public health, family dynamics, and gender issues, aiming to understand how geographic context influences these areas. Additionally, my training as a demographer equips me with the skills to handle demographic data in a meaningful way, both in terms of quantitative and qualitative analysis.

I employ a mixed-methods approach, utilizing both secondary and primary data sources to gain a comprehensive understanding of the topics I study. Quantitative analysis allows me to uncover patterns and trends, while qualitative research helps capture the nuances and lived experiences of individuals. By integrating these approaches, I strive to generate impactful findings that inform policy and program development, contributing to the overall health and wellbeing of society.

Through my research, I aim to identify critical insights that can guide evidence-based interventions and initiatives. By shedding light on the complexities of sexual and reproductive health, public health concerns, family dynamics, and gender issues, I aspire to contribute to the development of effective strategies for improving the overall health and quality of life of individuals and communities.

Ultimately, my research seeks to bridge the gap between academia and practical applications, providing valuable knowledge that can inform policy decisions and interventions to create healthier and more equitable societies.


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  • PhD Research Scholar

Global goals

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Professional Organisations

  • International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS, Mumbai)


  • India

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