Ms Karuna Samuel Finch

Head of Department, 


English, Hindi
Poland, India

Research Focus

The focus of my research is on Education in Emergencies and closely aligns with goal 4 of SDGs. Education is a universal right yet many children in areas of emergencies do not have access to this or the quality of education is poor. Teacher education programs must be contextualized to these needs and teacher should be given the relevant training and agency to create opportunities of quality learning for children in Emergencies. I am working on how teacher education programs must be developed and impoved to cater to Education in Emergencies.


  • Teacher Education Programs and Family Teacher Partnership for Education in Emergencies in India


  • Head of Department
  • Teacher of Chemistry

Global goals

Target 4.2
Target 4.4
Target 4.5
Target 4.C
Target 10.1
Target 10.2
Target 10.3
Target 10.4


  • Poland
  • India

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