Mr Jason Schmerer

Self-Directed Community Resiliency Researcher and Analyst, 

United States

United States

Research Focus

I am a social scientist and anthropologist by training and I am looking into answering the unanswerable question of what is a community. My current research focus in the project is dealing with resiliency, sustainability, and community engagement and investment. The much broader area I am looking at my ideas for are disaster preparedness and recovery. I would like to focus on two cultural and geographical areas, if possible, the Gulf Coast area of the United States and potentially the area around the
Philippines. I hope to build on this and continue to develop my ideas into a research paper and potentially book. I am keeping my eyes open and mind open to other perspectives and ideas.
Further research and focus areas for the project will be infrastructure, racial equality, and education.


  • The use of social science theory and practices to develop a stronger understanding of one's community and develop tools for resiliency and sustainability


  • Self-Directed Community Resiliency Researcher and Analyst

Global goals

Target 11.3
Target 11.5
Target 11.A
Target 11.B
Target 17.6
Target 17.16
Target 17.17
Target 17.18
Target 17.19

Professional Organisations

  • American Planning Association
  • International Asociation of Emergency Managers (IAEM)


  • United States

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