Emeritus Isheanesu Ronald Muchabaiwa




Research Focus

Climate Smart Agriculture
This research examined the impact of Climate Smart Agriculture on Zhenje community. A population of 10 farmers was chosen using systematic sampling. Qualitative method of data collection was used. Collection of data was done through the use of interviews, focus group discussions and observations. Interview sessions were done with the Arex officer and the Caritas Office. Also, focus groups discussion and observations were administered with the market garden farmers to supplement data. CSA practises in Zhenje community market garden include mixed cropping, mulching, crop rotation, pest and water management. These CSA practices have enabled the farmers to improve their agriculture yields and stabled source of income, knowledge hub and employment. However, the farmers are still facing challenges with like the use of the bucket system to irrigate their crops and adequate market supply. Therefore, recommended the use of simphony for irrigation, further markets and packaging.


  • Climate Smart Agriculture


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  • Zimbabwe