Mr Deepak K. K. Kori PhD

PhD student, 


English, Hindi

Research Focus

Passionate about the intersection of chemistry and sustainable technology, I am currently immersed in research focused on the design and development of peptide-based hybrid nanomaterials. My work aims to harness the incredible potential of these materials for two critical areas – energy conservation and electrosynthesis. With a deep commitment to creating innovative solutions for a greener future, I am dedicated to pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery in pursuit of sustainable energy and resource-efficient processes

Research Groups

  • Supramolecular Organic Chemistry Group (SOCG)


  • Energy conservation


  • PhD student

Global goals

Target 5.1
Target 5.2
Target 5.3
Target 5.4
Target 5.5
Target 5.6
Target 5.A
Target 5.B
Target 5.C
Target 7.1
Target 7.2
Target 7.3
Target 7.A
Target 7.B

Professional Organisations

  • IIT Indore


  • India

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