The Global Academy now offers a researcher-focused SDGs jobs board. And also, if you are a registered research with the Global Academy, you get to post three free job listings a year! The process is quite straightforward, especially if you follow this guide to posting listings.

Step 1: After you log into your account, go to the jobs menu, and click on Submit Jobs Form.

Step 2: You are now on the Submit Job Form. Most of this is self-explanatory. With Job category you have the opportunity to add the Global Goals for the role that your job most relates to. We suggest picking a maximum of three.

The description is where you put the body of your job advert. Try to include appropriate links to your own site/department/projects.

Application email/URL is best if it is the URL on your own University jobs site (as this helps both with Google searches), but if you don’t have one an appropriate email address is fine.

The logo for your job listing is best if it is a square image of your institution’s crest.

Step 3: Having pressed submit on the form, you are taken to the preview page. This lets you see how your listing is presented. You can either go back to edit the listing, or submit the listing.

A test job listing on The Global Academy, pending approval

Step 4: Having submitted the listing, you are now taken to the jobs dashboard (also available in the jobs menu). We will check your listing ourselves manually, and then once we have approved it, the listing will be live. On this page you can also go back in and update the listing as you wish.

Please get in touch if you have any difficulties posting your job, or wish to enquire about additional paid job listings on our SDGs Jobs Board.