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Research Focus

Our research and practice had identify opportunities to apply the Sustainable Development Goals in a great variety of organizations, also sparking the interest of academia, government and business to adopt the SDGs.
University Federal of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) is an institution of 43,000 students, 5,500 professors and more than 200 courses. Based in this institution, was evaluated the following proposals of SDG actions to UFRN: SDG 1: Empower poor communities to pursue power in decision process, plan and implement activities to combat poverty. SDG 2: Promotes actions to reduce food waste in university restaurant, stimulates family farmers and urban farming as food suppliers. SDG 3: Encourages physical activities for academic community, better communicate the actions to support health and adopt new healthy restaurant menus with balanced meals. SDG 4: promotes and manage the graduate and post-graduate courses considering the improvement in terms of education quality. SDG 5: Stimulates the equal treatment between all member of the academic community. SDG 6 and 14: Continues the operation of Sewage treatment plant and invest in new clean technologies to reuse. SDG 7: program of energy efficiency and a program to use renewable energy. SDG 8: keep a close contact with the market to identify better jobs opportunities to UFRN students. SDG 9: Promotes innovation and technology transfer to the market. SDG 10: Establish a fair treatment between all UFRN students and support popular movements.

Research Groups

  • Mars Group


  • Management and promotion of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)


  • Professor
  • Researcher

Global goals

Target 4.3
Target 4.4
Target 4.5
Target 4.6
Target 4.7
Target 4.B
Target 4.C
Target 9.1
Target 9.2
Target 9.C
Target 11.6

Professional Organisations

  • Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte - UFRN
  • Conselho Federal de Administração - CFA; Fundação de Apoio à Pesquisa do RN - FAPERN;


  • Brazil

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