Dr Abdelrahman Ali

Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics and sustainable rural development , 


English, Arabic, Chinese

Research Focus

Ali is working in the area of agricultural sustainable production and consumption which mainly related to the
SDG12. I will continue working in this research area including the impacts of climate change on agro-food systems,
agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship, sustainable solutions for salinity and sustainable resource
management. I am also interested in the socio-economic and environmental impact assessment and LCA, also the
application of ICT to achieve the SGDs 2030.
Sustainable Rural Development; Climate Changes; Resources & Environment and Biodiversity; Circular Economy;
Socio-economic and Environment Impact Assessment; Water, Energy, Food and Ecosystem Nexuses; Green
Investment Analysis; Poverty Reduction; Food Losses Reduction and Food Security; Agricultural Resources
Management; Agricultural entrepreneurship; Agricultural Cross-border E-commerce; Agricultural Informatization;
Agribusiness Management; Agricultural Policy; and Innovation & Agricultural Technology. Applications of
machine learning in agriculture, Contract Farming.


  • Devlig


  • Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics and sustainable rural development

Global goals

Target 2.2
Target 2.4
Target 2.5
Target 2.B
Target 12.2
Target 12.3
Target 12.4
Target 12.5
Target 12.B
Target 12.C

Professional Organisations

  • Fayoum University


  • Egypt

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