Mr Suhail Bashir

Environmental Engineer, 

United Arab Emirates

Photograph of Mr Suhail Bashir

Research Focus

With a background in environmental research and advocacy, my interests lie in fostering environmental awareness among people/students, focusing on climate change adaptation and the significance of CO2 adsorption for carbon recycling. Additionally, I explore socio-economic factors shaping public attitudes towards conservation and sustainability while investigating the impacts of climate change on wildlife and ecosystems. My work aims to promote community-based initiatives for a more sustainable future

Research Groups

  • Dr. Humaira Qadri (Lab Head)


  • Carbon-Based Synthesized Materials for CO2 Adsorption and Conversion: Its Potential for Carbon Recycling
  • Microbial Exploration and Their Metabolic Capacity for Detoxification and Restoration of Natural Ecosystems


  • Environmental Engineer
  • Environmental Consultant

Global goals

Target 3.3
Target 6.1
Target 6.3
Target 6.4
Target 6.5
Target 6.B
Target 11.1
Target 11.2
Target 11.3
Target 11.4
Target 11.5
Target 11.6
Target 11.7
Target 11.A
Target 11.B
Target 11.C

Professional Organisations

  • ENS Environmental Consultancy
  • Cluster University Srinagar


  • United Arab Emirates