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Research Focus

I am interested in the use of mobile and innovative technologies (including learning analytics) to help reduce the educational, digital and curriculum gaps worldwide to advance SDG Targets 4.2 and 4.7. I actively co-lead the Science Education for Youth working group at the Global Young Academy and collaborate with scientists from different disciplines to a) assist in the global challenges of increasing equal access to quality education for all learners and b) creating a fairer world to maintain a social and economic sustainable future for all.

As a member of the Women in Science working group at the Global Young Academy, I am interested in promoting the empowerment of women and other underrepresented groups to include people of all ages, ethnicity, sexuality, disabilities and gender in the decision-making process relevant for global challenges such as the climate emergency, in order to advance SDG Targets 5.B., 10.2 and 10.6.

As the project manager of a new European and UKRI-funded project – Games Realizing Effective and Affective Transformation, I am excited to investigate with project members how games can be used as an effective communication channel between global citizens and policy-makers. Via innovative games and analytics, a large proportion of global citizens’ preferences, attitudes and opinions (especially reaching those in underrepresented groups) can be collected and transferred to the relevant policy-makers. The aim is to influence them to implement policies, which are even more suitable to citizens’ needs concerning climate issues including energy, food and transport. This project has the huge potential to advance SDG 13.2.

Research Groups

  • EduTech


  • Games Realizing Effective and Affective Transformation


  • Project Manager

Global goals

Target 4.2
Target 4.7
Target 5.B
Target 13.2

Professional Organisations

  • Global Young Academy


  • Germany

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