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Model Driven Software Engineering for Web Applications: The most promising approach to model driven engineering is the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) defined by the Object Management Group (OMG). Applications are modeled at a platform independent level and are transformed to (possibly several) platform specific implementations. Model driven Web engineering (MDWE) is the application of model driven engineering to the domain of Web application development where it might be particularly helpful because of the continuous evolution of Web technologies and platforms.  Software Architecture Design: Evaluation and Transformation: Architecture evaluation is performed by using scenarios, simulation, mathematical modeling and reasoning. The architecture can be transformed by imposing an architectural style, imposing an architectural pattern, using a design pattern, converting an NFR to functionality and by distributing NFRs. The method has, in various forms, been applied in Several industrial projects  Model View Management with Triple Graph Transformation: approach is based on meta- modeling to describe the syntax of the MVVL and each viewpoint, and on triple graph transformation systems to synchronize and maintain respond between the system views and the repository, as well as between the derived, audience-oriented and semantic views and the base models. We illustrate these concepts by means of an example in the domain of security for web systems


  • 1. Tongue controlled robot for dumb people using flex sensor and accelerometer. 4. Tongue controlled speaking micro controller (Live project done to Magnum Technologies) 5. Vehicle tracking system using GPS and GSM. 6. Geo alert using Android Smartphone 7. Development of an android based street light controlling and power monitoring system. 8. Micro controller based low cost autonomous vehicle 9. Fuzzy keyword search over encrypted data in cloud computing. 10. Personal Authentication using IRIS recognition 11. Defect Tracking tool 12. Development of an android based street light controlling and power monitoring System. Best Project as Products: CSR activity (2019-2020) Product Project1: Neck Movement based Wheel Chair. Team Silla De-Ruedas won in the VISVESVARAYA INDUSTRIAL & TECHNOLOGICAL MUSEUM, INNOVATION FESTIVAL PROGRAMME 2019 from National Council of Science Museums, Ministry of Culture, Government of India Product Project2: “Krushi Rakshaka” – IOT Based Agriculture System Product Project3: CCTV Based Attendance System sanctioned a fund by Karnataka State Council for Science & Technology (KSCST)
  • 2. A Prototype model to convert rain water into drinking water generating hydroelectric power to drive its sensors using android technology.
  • 3. Android operated wheel chair for physically challenges people.


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