Prof Tony Walker

Associate Professor, 


PhDs supervised to completion

Research Focus

Tony has been studying the impacts of plastic pollution and solutions to mitigate those impacts for nearly 30 years. Tony has consistently worked on anthropogenic impacts on the environment, particularly impacts caused by pollution. Tony’s doctoral research at the University of Nottingham, UK focused on pollution monitoring in the Russian Arctic. Since March 2018, Tony has been a member of the Global Partnership on Marine Litter (GPML), coordinated by the UN Environment Programme. In 2018, Tony was invited by the Deputy Minister of the ECCC to participate in a Leaders and Experts Roundtable on Plastics and Marine Litter in Vancouver to advise the federal government on strategies to reduce plastic marine pollution which helped develop the Ocean Plastics Charter under Canada’s 2018 G7 presidency. Tony participated in the Canadian Science Symposium on Plastics in November 2018 in Ottawa to inform development of the Canada’s Plastic Science Agenda (CaPSA). CaPSA was developed to help the federal government continue its leadership role in the implementation of the G7 Ocean Plastics Charter. In October 2019, Tony represented Canada at the G7 Science Meeting on Plastic Pollution in Paris, France. Tony is currently working with the Government of Canada embassy in Vietnam to develop a national marine debris monitoring database for the Government of Vietnam. Since 2019, Tony has hosted five Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) Blue Charter Fellows from Ghana, South Africa, Jamaica, Nigeria and the UK who are specifically working on research strategies to find solutions to mitigate plastic pollution. Tony is also a partner working on a National Geographic research grant to reduce plastic pollution in Ghana.


  • Solutions and policies to reduce plastic waste and plastic pollution


  • Associate Professor

Global goals

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  • Canada

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