Mr Subham Preetam S.P

Doctoral Research Scholar, 

Korea, Republic of

English, Hindi, Oriya, Bengali, Korean, Urdu

Research Focus

I’m is working as a Professional Biotechnologist with a creative Bio-Robotics Researcher, Intermediate to that. I’m passionate about early-stage research in Biomedical Robotics Engineering, Quantum engineering for Bio-hybrid-robots manufacturing.
also enthusiastic about bringing precision medicine to treat and ultimately making preclinical research successful in improving people’s lives. With a cross-disciplinary trained student with extensive experience in translational research, I’m currently working on various topics like Micro-Robot, soft bio-hybrid robots and Quntom nanorobot fabrication for heavy metal removal from ocean water to increase the life expectancy of sea animals and human beings. Bio-fluidics nanomedicine system that integrates the latest advances in drug delivery technologies to create personalized solutions for brain cancer patients.

Research Groups

  • Multi-scale Bio-medical Robotics Lab


  • Dual actuating Light driven-Magnetic Hybrid Microbots for toxic removal
  • Self- propultive Kapok Micromotor Design for Removing Heavy Metals from ocean water.


  • Doctoral Research Scholar
  • P.hD Student

Global goals

Target 4.A
Target 4.B
Target 4.C
Target 9.B
Target 9.C

Professional Organisations

  • Institute of Advanced Materials
  • Department of Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering


  • Korea, Republic of
  • India
  • Sweden