Mrs Paulette Toppin PhD Candidate; MSc (Merit) B(Phil)Ed Hons; P.G.Dip; P.G.Cert;

PhD Candidate, 

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Research Focus

The intention of my research is twofold. First, it is to critically examine the context within which senior public service leaders in Jamaica ( a developing middle-income island state) lead. The second intention is to identify critical enablers and barriers towards leader contribution to transformation efforts from multiple senior public service stakeholder perspectives. The overarching research questions are:

1. How is senior public service leader practice in Jamaica understood and reflected upon by senior key stakeholders?
2. What enablers and barriers impact on public service reform in Jamaica and the contributory leader practice?
3. What does study of the Jamaican context contribute to current theories and debates around public service organisations and their transformation?

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  • PhD Candidate

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  • Coventry University


  • United Kingdom

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