Dr Saurabh Singh

Teach for BHU Fellow, 


English, Hindi

Research Focus

My research focus is centered on the intersection of microbiology, biotechnology, and environmental sustainability. Over the years, I have passionately pursued investigations in various aspects of these fields, contributing to our understanding of microbial ecosystems, bioenergy production, and ecological restoration.
Microbial Ecology: My research journey commenced with an exploration of microbial ecosystems. I have delved into the intricate relationships between microorganisms and their environments, uncovering the pivotal roles they play in maintaining ecological balance. From soil microbiomes to plant-microbe interactions, I have examined the diverse ways in which microbes influence terrestrial ecosystems.
Bioenergy Production: In pursuit of sustainable energy solutions, I ventured into bioenergy research. I have worked extensively on the production of biofuels, particularly bioethanol and second-generation biofuels derived from lignocellulosic biomass. My investigations have encompassed the use of microbial fermentation and enzyme technologies to enhance biofuel yields, contributing to the advancement of eco-friendly energy alternatives.
Ecological Restoration: Committed to environmental conservation, I have actively engaged in projects related to ecological restoration and land reclamation. My work has involved the utilization of biofertilizers and plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria to improve soil health and promote sustainable agricultural practices. I have also explored the potential of fungi as agents of ecological restoration and agroecosystem sustainability.


  • Developing efficient consortia of cellulose degrading microbes for sustainable bioethanol production


  • Teach for BHU Fellow

Global goals

Target 7.2
Target 7.A
Target 12.2


  • India

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