Introducing ‘Your Footprint’ 

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‘Your footprint’ is a growing company in the agricultural sector, working with farmers to reduce carbon emissions. They are sponsoring our August newsletter to reach our core audience of researchers who link their work to achievement of the SDGs. Based in Denmark and the UK, Your Footprint are keen to expand their services to other […]

Show the wider impact of your research group by linking to the Global Goals

Tiny construction workers build the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs) into a stable wall

The United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs or Global Goals) are a powerful tool for research groups to demonstrate the global impact of their work. However, many researchers do not yet understand the SDGs framework. Using the SDGs to bring your whole team together on one page can be a great motivator and team pages help to explain the wider context of all your work.

The Future We Choose*

The 2030 SDGs Game workshop

Research work is evaluated on outcomes and impact so we all need to understand where that impact contributes to the world. The SDGs are the world’s ‘to do’ list and the targets that underpin the Sustainable Development Goals are the work plan for governments and organisations worldwide. Researchers have to understand where their work contributes to that plan.

? Calling Goal 12 researchers ?

To join us and learn more about using the SDGs Framework with your Goal 12 research please contact

Research groups on the Global Academy website

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Amidst the gloom of 2020 we achieved a breakthrough. Over 100 researchers in 40 countries built their own researcher pages at www.the­ Now that we have a wide cross-section of researchers sharing their contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are ready to begin linking researchers to their research groups, labs and teams. Few researchers work alone and this is your chance to show us how the team you work with contribute to the SDGs.

Heading into a New Year with 100 Global Academy Researchers

2020 has been a long, difficult year for everyone so realising that we now have 100 researchers, based in 40 different countries working to help us achive the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a HUGE boost as we plan for the year ahead.