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2030 SDGs Game workshops
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Does your company have an ESG strategy

Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) reporting is becoming an important part of an organisation’s annual review cycle but good intentions created during the strategy process can become swamped by bushfires and ‘business as usual’

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Research roles for the SDGs

The Global Academy now has a jobs board. Job listings include SDGs. Free job posts for Global Academy researchers.
University recruitment advertising for global impact.

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The UN Sustainable Development Goals
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Individual goals and the SDGs

Global poverty is a massive, wicked, interconnected problem. I can’t fix it on my own; I have to call on governments to act. But there are some things I can do myself.

ARIES DTP students 2022
2030 SDGs Game workshops
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Energy, enthusiasm and a unique experience

Last Wednesday we were back at the Hautbois outdoor activity centre, in Norfolk UK, to work with this year’s cohort of new ARIES student researchers.
Running our SDGs simulation workshops with students is always rewarding. Their energy and enthusiasm fills any space with a huge buzz of potential.