How to give your Global Academy profile ‘impact’

This brief blog is designed as an update to this one . Whilst all of the advice remains valid, and you may want to read that guide before this one, we have noticed one particular element of many researcher pages is letting them down – the Research Focus section. There are any number of […]

The Global Academy is growing!

While the world has been sadly trying to manage the global pandemic, interest in The Global Academy has increased substantially. This may not, of course, be a coincidence. Many people (researchers among them) have found themselves questioning the value of the wider contribution they are making as individuals in the context of the pandemic and […]

The Global Academy reached 2 new milestones this week – join us!

We were thrilled then to have reached the milestone of 100 researchers linking their work to the wider purpose provided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by joining us at the Global Academy. It seemed that our platform was gaining momentum and piquing interest in some research areas.

How does my work contribute to the SDGs?

A question we get asked a lot by researchers before they join our Global Academy is how their own research can possibly be relevant to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Researchers look at the Global Goals (as they are sometimes called) and see that they relate to poverty, equality and improving the environment (both physical and social) to provide the conditions for all life to flourish.

It gets rave reviews – give it a try!

The 2030 SDGs game is quite new to the UK, and The Global Academy is amongst only a tiny number of accredited game/workshop facilitators. We have now run several, either as open, public games, or as an element of a wider educational programme such as that we ran for set of Masters students at the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford.

The Global Academy in 3 minutes

Here is a short video (3 minutes) which explains what the Global Academy is all about. The problem the initiative is addressing, how it’s going about it and where it’s going next.