Dr Habiba Atta Fulbright Visiting Scholar

Senior Lecturer, 


PhDs supervised to completion

Research Focus

My primary area of specialization is Petroleum Microbiology with research interests in Bioremediation, Microbial Ecology, Bioaerosols, Biogas production, Antimicrobial resistant bacteria in the environment, and Biocontrol of pathogens. I have participated in multidisciplinary studies in the fields of Environmental Engineering, Soil Science, and Chemical Engineering.
A good number of my research publications are centered on research using bacteria or fungi in the break down of petroleum hydrocarbons that frequently contaminate the environment. I am also currently working on identifying those microorganisms that are associated with microbial influenced corrosion in the petroleum industry. I also conduct research on optimizing biogas production by methanogens using anaerobic digestion. This is geared towards using municipal, agricultural, industrial and domestic wastes in the digestion process in order to remove solid wastes from the environment and also to produce an alternative source of energy (biomethane). I am also collaborating with other researchers in producing a type of biofuel using microbial cells, this is aimed at harnessing enzymes produced by microorganisms for green technology.
My other areas of research include: studying beneficial microorganisms that produce bioactive compounds that inhibit the growth of pathogens of humans and plants diseases; screening water and soil samples for the presence of bacteria bearing antimicrobial resistant genes; and studying the impact of bioaerosols in the spread pathogenic microorganisms.


  • Analysis of the Community structure of hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria and archaea in crude oil contaminated soil in a petroleum exploration site: A PCR-Based Approach


  • Senior Lecturer

Global goals

Target 6.1
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Target 6.A
Target 6.B
Target 7.2
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Target 7.A
Target 15.1
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Professional Organisations

  • American Society for Microbiology, Nigerian Society for Microbiology, Society for General Microbiology


  • Nigeria