Dr Maria Florencia Guerzovich

Independent Research Consultant, 


Spanish English Portuguese
Brazil, United Kingdom

Research Focus

Florencia has been innovating, connecting, researching, and problem solving for big, complex governance problems since 2000. Her research focuses on accountability, citizen engagement,
anti-corruption open government as well as its interfaces with service delivery systems. She is interested in co-production and collective action. Florencia also researches theory-based and other complexity aware methodologies to monitor and evaluate complex interventions and portfolios.

Research Groups

  • Grupo Politeia - ESAG- UDESC


  • Scaling Social Accountability for Health: Leveraging Public Policies and Programs
  • Proposta de Solução para a Padronização de Dados Abertos em Compras e Contratações Públicas
  • Coprodução, accountability e inovação: dilemas e perspectivas na democracia contemporânea,


  • Independent Research Consultant
  • Monitoring Research & Evaluation Expert
  • Systems Convener

Global goals

Target 16.3
Target 16.4
Target 16.5
Target 16.6
Target 16.7
Target 16.8
Target 17.2
Target 17.5
Target 17.6
Target 17.9
Target 17.14
Target 17.15
Target 17.17
Target 17.19

Professional Organisations

  • Red de Politólogas


  • Brazil
  • United Kingdom

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