Mrs Bárbara Zambelli



Portuguese and english (fluent), french and spanish (learning)

Research Focus

Bárbara is Brazilian, Geologist Engineer (Federal University of Ouro Preto/University College Cork), speleologist, science communicator and environmental activist. Since the beginning of college, she started getting involved with karst studies, mainly technically but with increasing concern about social, environmental and political implications. She works as an independent consultant and researcher on topics mainly related to karst (but not exclusively), such as speleology, hydrogeology and geomorphology. From 2017 onwards, she has been participating as a contributing author to the Geology for Global Development blog, hosted on the EGU website. In 2019, she co-founded ‘a Ponte’, an organization grounded on geoethical principles with the aim of bridging the gap between geosciences and society.
Main research interests: Development studies, hydrogeology, social geology, geoethics, [socio-hydrogeoethics], science communication, karstology


  • No funded projects


  • Co-founder

Global goals

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Target 6.2
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Target 6.4
Target 6.A
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Professional Organisations

  • International Association for Promoting Geoethics, Geology for Global Development, Brazilian Association of Women in Geosciences, Geoethics Commission of Brazilian Geological Society, Brazilian Karst Institute


  • Brazil

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